Ganesh Statue

Ganesh Statue
In India there are many temples (mandirs) of Ganesha, however, in many Hindu temples, there are statues and carvings. But, in most of the temples of Hindus, people worship Ganesha. Hindu Tradition gives Ganesha an important place. The tradition says that Hindus should worship their religious functions and ceremonies because he is the god of all obstacles. Generally, many Hindus also worship Ganesha before starting any new thing. Thus, for example, before occupying a new house, buying a new vehicle, they may worship Ganesha. Likewise, before starting any new business, many Hindus may worship Ganesha for good luck. Rajasthan is known for its royalty and stone king and masters of handicrafts. Stone handicrafts market of Moorti in Rajasthan is very famous, especially in Jaipur.
Ganesha has several other names. Some of his names are:

Gajanana, that is, one having the face similar to the face of an elephant
Heramba, that is, one who is dear to his mother
Pillaiyar, that is, youthful
Vinayaka, that is, a leader
Ekdanta, that is, one with one tusk
Ganesh Moorti Art, Jaipur, Rajasthan