Marble Handicrafts Rajasthan

Marble Handicrafts Rajasthan

Rajasthan well known as the land of Rajputs is famous for its art, sculpture, and marble handicrafts Rajasthan.

Rajasthani rulers paid great respect to artists might they be indulged in any form of art. Due to this reason, many art forms have their roots developed in Rajasthan. History proves that every art form which was introduced to the people of Rajasthan was paid great attention and was developed with intense care.
The traditional art form that is developed in Rajasthan is now given a touch of modern design, and an extraordinary sculpture or piece of art is manufactured. One such famous artwork is Marble Handicrafts of Rajasthan.
The marble handicraft work has been preserved in Rajasthan for many centuries, but in recent years only a few experts in this field are present. Before 250 years, King Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur invited the sculptors to his kingdom and asked them to make some best sculptures because he was shifting his working capital to Jaipur from Amer.
Marble is the finest quality of stone which is known for its quality of soothing look to eyes. It is one of the most eye attracting objects across the globe.
The sketch is then outlined on marbles using compass, scales, and pencil. The artists specialize such talent due to generations of heredity. Some artists can even directly start sculpting statues of Radha-Krishna, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Shiva on the marble handicrafts Rajasthan directly.
Ganesh Moorti Art, Jaipur Rajasthan